SXSW 2016 (PT. 1)

South By Southwest came with many surprises and I didn’t want to be excluded from the opportunity to enjoy it. Therefore, I took the initiative to document the festival with the help my dear friends, Jerson and Ruben. These young men are naturals at what they do in regards to capturing moments. Collectively, we shot day by day to ultimately create a series of videos to share. It was all intentional and we didn’t want to allow our talents to go to waste during such a big moment for us and our city. I didn’t musically perform this year (as mentioned in the video) so I felt obligated as a creator to perform in some way. This video which clearly states “Part 1” is the first Friday of SXSW, the day we “witnessed greatness“, Mr. President Obama himself. It was a time to remember. Especially considering the fact that we weren’t supposed to get into the event. Let’s just say Mr. Perez worked his magic. Towards the end of SXSW, we were all satisfied with what we had collected and decided to bring it to a close. I gathered all of our footage, separated it by date and purposefully created a one-minute final project using iMovie. In doing so, I recorded a fun voice-over to express my thoughts on that particular day and aimed to give this video an up-beat feel with my original song “Creepwave.” Overall, I love the outcome of this video and there’s much more to come. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay tuned! Last but not least, Thank you Humberto, Carl and Chaka for everything! Through Digital Den Studios and E4 Youth I’ve experienced more than I can fathom and I truly appreciate your efforts in helping me to to excel not only as an artist but human being. Your work does not go unnoticed. God Bless!

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