Board Leadership

Eric Collier – President of the Board – President and CEO of BottomLine Solutions

Keisha Townsend Taitt – Vice President of the Board – Partnership Chair, Chief Inclusion Officer at GSD&M

Board Members

Mayet Andreassen – Associate Program Director, BS Visualization, Instructional Assistant Professor SPVFA at Texas A&M University
Ereika Collins – Marketing Committee Chair, Senior Digital Strategist at Adobe
Gary Smyth – Fundraising Chair, Sales Development, Partner, Investor, Mentor at Capital Factory
Suresh Sundarababu – Program Performance Committee Chair, Mentor/Thinking Partner/Innovation Driver at DivInc, SWAN,NI,QUIMBY
*Ayeshia Toy – Head of People & Culture – McGarrah Jessee
Jessica Tran – Collaboration Manager at Butler | Past President at Ad 2 Austin
Deb Wiley – Board Treasurer, EA, MBA
Jenaya Zarrad – Head of People & Culture at StellarFi

*Founding Board Member