Central Texas High School teachers interested in hosting a Get Creative Club/working with a Creative Mentor who attend our Get Creative Professional Development Session AND successfully launch a GC Club by October 1, 2023, can earn a $250 stipend. If teachers complete the entire school year, they will earn an additional $250 stipend for a total of $500. Additionally, AISD teachers hosting a GC Club that meets after school can qualify for grant funding from the AISD Prime Time Program.   




Group of high school students stand in a circle facing a student leader wearing a blue shirt and black pants.

E4 Youth Creative Mentor Anthony Jackson works with students at Manor Senior HIgh School.


E4 Youth’s Get Creative Club Program is an interactive workshop series focused on the arts, a/v production, design, journalism, writing, and interactive media development. In 2022-2023, we held 10 clubs in both Manor and Austin ISD, and plan to expand to more campuses in AISD. Our clubs are led by our trained Creative Mentors who are local college-age youth of color pursuing careers in the creative and technology industries. Creative Mentors work with teachers during school hours for one class period per week or facilitate a weekly after school club.



  • Students will participate in E4 Youth’s Employability Curriculum lessons. 
  • Students will establish a quality digital portfolio showcasing original content.  
  • Students will gain exposure to industry professionals and internship opportunities.

PROGRAM SERIES:                                                     

  • Appropriate for 9th-12th grade students                            
  • Deliverable during school hours or after school                
  • Duration Per Lesson: 45-90 minutes
  • Timeline: Late September-Early May


  • Animation                         •Photography
  • Audio/Visual                     •Robotics
  • Creative Writing                •Technology
  • Game Design                   •Visual Arts
  • Journalism                        •Yearbook
  • Multimedia Production      AND MORE!   
  • Newspaper


Get Creative Club participants have the opportunity to submit original pieces of work for our Annual Showcase & Awards. Judges from local industry partners determine the winner of 9 categories and students are able to win valuable prizes. See past Showcase winners here.


Teachers must complete an entire school year with an E4 Youth Get Creative Club to earn the full $500 stipend. At least 70% of students must create a digital portfolio using the Bulb platform.