What is E4 Youth online community about?
The E4 Youth online community is for youth to explore creative commercial arts careers, build professionally reviewed online portfolios and connect with higher education opportunities and internships.

Registration on the site is closed, how do I get an invite?
This site is for educators, students, parents and creative professionals. If you qualify, visit our Contact page and make a request to join the site. Make sure to provide a description of why you’d like to join in the message.

How can teachers utilize the E4 Youth web site as a virtual classroom?
If you are a teacher and would like to sign up your classes we can provide a temporary registration code that you can share with your students. Once they have registered, have them request you as a friend. For each class that you’d like to work with, you’ll need to establish a Group and a Forum for that Group.

How do I create a Group and Forum for that Group?
Go to the Groups page and click on the Create A Group button. Follow the steps from there.
In Step 3, make sure to mark the box that says “Yes. I want this group to have a forum.”
Complete the remaining steps.
You can invite your students in Step 5 (Your students must be your friends to receive a group invite) or return to your new Group page later and click on the Send Invites button.