Young creative Kyleeil Johnson chats with a copywriter at the ad agency McGarrah Jessee during our Shadow the Pros summer program .

E4 Youth is an Austin-based, non-profit organization founded in 2009. Through partnerships with Austin area schools and educators, E4 Youth helps bridge the gap between underserved youth and creative commercial arts careers. We identify, nurture, and promote talent through training, mentoring and internships. Since its inception, E4 Youth has worked directly with over 2000 students and raised over 1 million dollars in cash and in-kind donations in support of its programs. Our holistic mission is accomplished through 4 programs: Get Creative Enrichment featuring our Employability Curriculum™, Professional Development, Industry Tours and Shadow the Pros.


  • Students who are exposed to the arts excel. Students exposed to the arts are more likely to have higher SAT scores, graduate from high school, go to college, gain employment and volunteer.
  • Access to arts is out of reach for those who could benefit greatly from it. Lower-income, underserved, minority youth receive far less arts education, exposure to arts and cultural education than other ethnic and socio-economic groups.
  • Underserved teens need encouragement to identify and cultivate their interests. A significant number of underserved teens are unable to identify a talent, hobby or interest. Traditional education does not stimulate them and therefore, they lack motivation to learn and have no idea how to develop any talent.
  • Exposure to the creative arts and careers can change the way that a child looks at the world. Exposing a child to the creative world can open the child’s eyes to numerous opportunities that they never knew existed. Once that child’s mind is open, his or her entire outlook on life, education and career will change for the better.
  • The pipeline to get minority youth into the creative arts professions is BROKEN. Only 15% of the people that participate in advertising careers are minorities; +80% are Caucasians.

2015 – 16 RESULTS

Download E4 Youth’s Impact Model (pdf)


  • 2000+ students have participated in E4 Youth’s programs.
  • 80% of students that complete E4 Youth boot camps are more likely to consider careers in advertising and media related fields.
  • 90% of students that complete E4 Youth’s summer internships go on to enroll in college; over 50% of those students study an advertising or media related field.
  • 100% of the kids who participate in our program are exposed to the creative arts industry in a way that changes how they think about careers and their futures.


Donate. Just $25 can provide a month of creative experiences.

Volunteer. E4 Youth also has a broad range of volunteer opportunities including serving as guest speakers, hosting tours, job shadow opportunities, and coaching youth on portfolio development.

Need more information? Email us at info@e4youth.org.