Video shot and edited by E4 Youth alumni Damian Flores


Last Saturday, March 26, 2016, The Music Legacy Project came together to put the finishing touches on their songs as they head for the studio on April 2nd and 3rd to collaborate with Grammy award winning musicians on their upcoming EP. Our student musicians are bringing a total of six songs to the studio. Everyone is on the edge of their seats to hear the potential of our young musicians be cultivated into professional studio cuts with the help of seasoned musicians.

There is only so much I can report about the project’s progress every week; you’ll certainly hear for yourself all of the work that is being contributed once the music is released. So this week, watch an exclusive interview with Chaka Mpeanaji, an acclaimed musician, longtime partner of E4 Youth, and director of the Music Legacy Project.

Chaka and his wife, Qi Dada, make up the hip hop duo Riders Against the Storm. They have received the ‘Band of the Year’  title at the Austin Music Awards for 3 years in a row, and continue to grow as an eclectic and culturally moving presence both locally and nationally. Having someone as experienced and accomplished as Chaka working with aspiring musicians is a truly magical exchange of talents and wisdom. While his story certainly can’t be captured in a short interview, get a glimpse into how he is guiding the young musicians of the Music Legacy Project.

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