Case Studies / Shadow the Pros

Employer & Client: – a non-profit cloud based storage system.

Objective: Develop a media strategy and creative collateral that inspires new users to save their important data permanently.

Description: The Shadows conducted media and demographic research, developed social and direct mail concepts as well as the proposals to go along with them. Ultimately, their work was presented at a monthly meeting of Capital Macintosh.


This group’s presentation focused strongly on what they learned from their experience.

“Our biggest challenge wasn’t in coming up with ideas. Our problem was that we couldn’t get to the ideas because we weren’t talking to each other. Being such a small team, that was really rough. It took sitting down and getting to know each other.”

– Annie Ricotta, Akins High School (Austin ISD)


“E4 Youth staff had us do a personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and show them to each other. Talking about our strengths and weaknesses helped bright us together as a team.”

– Isaiah Dickson, LBJ High School (Austin ISD)