T3 - Focus Brands

Case Studies / Shadow the Pros

Employer: T3

Client:  Moe’s Southwest Grill / Carvel

Description: The Shadows concepted and developed a multimedia social campaign for this large, multi-franchise fast-casual food brand.

Although this team included the youngest Shadow The Pros members (just 16 to 19 years old), they jumped right in and tackled social media concepts for Focus Brands, the franchisor and operator of brands such as Carvel®, Cinnabon®, Schlotzsky’s®, and Auntie Anne’s®. The Shadows even had the opportunity to present their concepts to a Focus Brands executive.


“They actually presented to our client, Focus Brands. We told the client that a lot of these kids are just starting out in college or they’re still in high school. After the presentation, I got an email from our client and he was just blown away.” Bonnie Roham of T3


Because their work was completed under non-disclosure agreements, the team was unable to share their concepts at the Capstone Event. Instead, their presentation focused on what they learned about team dynamics and differing work styles. They also picked up practical recommendations like using social media to promote portfolio updates and show their new professional connections how their work is improving and consider them for future internships.

“Ideas can’t be too precious. You can’t hold onto your first idea. The possibilities are endless when you keep brainstorming.” – Diego Gonzales, Connally High School

Team Members
Cole Nguyen, Austin Community College
Litzy Rea Valdez, Manor High School
Isabella de la Garza, Austin Community College
Gabriela Chavez, Manor High School
Diego Gonzales, John B. Connally High School