Shadow the Pros provides promising youth with college/career coaches that guide them through a series of career exploration activities. Each week, participants are matched with creative professionals that reflect their interests as they develop resumes, portfolios and creative projects for real clients.

Creative Projects

In 2016, Shadow the Pros participants worked with members of Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing to create videos, photographs and blogs for Capital Metro’s Austin Collective. Modeled after the Humans of New York, the blog and social media campaign features the diverse stories of CapMetro’s riders. Our students’ work is featured beside some of Austin’s finest filmmakers and photographers.

Success Stories


Austin Creative Department Scholarship Winner Damian Flores

When Damian Flores started the Shadow the Pros summer program, he was making a living calling BINGO games at a local parlor. By the end of the summer, he had received a full scholarship to one of Austin’s most exclusive portfolio schools, the Austin Creative Department.

This opportunity came to me at a time where I needed it the most, a time where I needed to believe that I have a chance to be someone, that my passion and skills are of value, and that I could be a part of a creative community. Read More.