What was it like to learn the material? How did you like working with experts? How do you think you will use the material?

It was a bit overwhelming to try and cram so much knowledge on such a neverending subject in 3 weeks especially since experts are coming up with new codes and its an evergrowing field. Its something that i definitely would love to pursue and thinking about researching on my own time once i get the internet connected at my house.  I have alot of things going on right now but i know i can make it a hobby to play around with messing with web pages. I learned some neat things and its mind blowing what the internet can do and how humans can program machines to do what we cant do. crazy!!!! 

I enjoyed working with the experts on the webpage project, they seemed like good people. Gustavo is very smart and it makes me feel special in some way that these guys took the time out of their life to come and teach us for FREE what they know. Thats why i love this media class our teachers care and they find other people that care so they can share what they know. Once again i find out about jobs that i really hadnt though of THE SKY IS THE LIMIT when it come to MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY!!!!

I hope to make a webpage one day for a friend and i want to apply everything i learned thats why i took notes and saved all my notes and papers i really like the fact that you can make money off the interned without having a product or service even if its a small amount all that can add up.

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