Historical image of former Harlem Theater, in Austin TX

“The One and Only” – Remembering East Austin’s Harlem Theater

Opening its doors October of 1935, The Harlem Theater of East Austin was an iconic cultural hub of the black community. Being one of only seven black-owned theaters in the country at the time, it offered a comfortable and enjoyable movie-going experience for all its patrons. Instead of being forced to enter through the fire […]

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Two men in East Austin look at new mural on 12th & Chicon, Austin TX

A Tale of Unity at 12th & Chicon: “We Rise”

If you’re driving through East Austin or checking out the burgeoning clubs near 12th and Chicon, take note of the mural at the northeast corner of the crossroads. Behind the bold portraits of notable Black figures is a story of a contested public expression, with a fragile future. In 2014 Chris Rogers painted a mural […]

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Keeping Austin Diverse: The Historic Victory Grill

The Victory Grill is a historical restaurant built in 1945 on East 11th Street in Austin, Texas. In the era of segregation in Austin, Victory Grill was a significant destination for African Americans to congregate. It also provided a space for Black veterans returning from World War II to relax when returning home. The venue […]

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Landscape image of Truth's mural of Draylen Mason on side of electrical box in East Austin, TX.

Memorial to a Fallen Stranger: Austin Artist “Truth” on Draylen Mason

In March of 2018, Austin residents were stunned by a string of package bombings around the city, which killed two black men and injured a handful of other people of color. Even a year later, the incident the bomber’s motives are still unconfirmed by law enforcement; though it seemed racially motivated, his attacks also included […]

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VR Storytelling Remix Steps

Already familiar with Remixing VR Stories? Dive in with these VR Starter Projects (Note: Recommended browser: Firefox. Audio does not work in Chrome) About the Steps VR Remix Steps are the result of E4 Youth’s development of Virtual Storytelling Curriculum via a grant from the Mozilla Foundation. For more information click here. Tools There are a few […]

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What’s Your Status?: SXSW 2016!

During SXSW 2016, I had an amazing time taking in the loud music. Despite being under 21 and barely getting into venues; I still managed to snatch a few interviews with some of the artists performing in town! I first met was electro pop duo SIGNY, official showcasing artists for SXSW. Long time internet friends […]

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Music Legacy Project – Week 2

E4 Youth’s Music Legacy Project met again on March 5, 2016 to continue developing their creative process. The student musicians began to assign roles to each other. These included writers, producers, marketers, engineers, publicists and more. Organization is just as important as the creativity in this project. Specialized roles will make for a smoother road […]

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