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My name is Anthony January, I am 20 years old, and I just recently moved to Austin a couple of days after the new years. I am from Port Arthur TX and I decided to move to Austin to start a new chapter in my life. I see it as a chance to, not create  new person out myself per-say, but to  improve myself  become the best person I can be without the distraction from the negative influence I surrounded myself with. I was a student at Prairie View University majoring in Mass Communication and was planning on getting a minor in Business , but I always found myself struggling each semester. I am interested  in Photography, being a DJ, and plan on starting a photography business. I also found an interest in promoting, no matter what the event is, I like to be the reason for its success recognition or no recognition as long as everybody is having a good time. I not a very friendly person, meaning I’m not going to go out my way to meet people, unless I’m promoting; but if you speak to me i will conversant. I believe that networking is the key to success, if I see an opportunity or a person who can help me in the future I will try my best to impress. I see E4 youth as an opportunity to learn about advertising, promoting, photography, and I feel that it will help me meet people who I can learn from and my need in the future to help me reach my goals. Plus my resume is empty and this could be a good addition to it.

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