Who Am I – Who’s Kasha?

My name is Kasha Davey!

I was born in Austin Texas on December 3rd! I am 17 years old and a Junior at Hendrickosn High School.

I’ve never really been the one to have many friends, so while everybody else was hanging out and what not I looked to other things that I could occupy my time. Those things have turned into passions I want to be known for in the future.

When I was in 6th grade I really started to get into music, and the more time I spent alone the more music spoke to me. It’s like my heart is the beat, and my blood flows like the rhythm, through my body!! When I was a Freshman I joined the school choir and I really enjoyed it. It brought me out of my shell some and helped me not be so shy in front of people. My Sophomore year I was in this “American Idol” class,  basically vocal training . It didn’t do all I expected, but I took advantage & learned as much as I could. I’ve tried writing my own music but that (so far) hasn’t gotten me anywhere… but I’ll definitely keep trying. I’ve added music production to my list of interests, but until I get there I spend most of my time writing , listening to music, taking pictures, and in my free time I draw. Pictures just capture the moment of something beautiful and there’s always a story behind a picture! I like writing about things which leads to me wanting to make a blog. I want to make my own blog, write about issues in my generation as well as other issues I notice and speak on how its effecting the world now and future generations to come. Find a way to make it noticeable to the world so a change can be made.

Through the Youth Media Project, I hope to learn ways to connect with people . Teach me how to work with others for 9 hours of the day. Teach me to take care of my responsibilities in a manageable amount of time. Help me get in with music companies or how to get myself in with people who will help me get mty career where I see it being .

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