Who I Am

    My name is Ariel Gonzalez. I’m a Junior at John B. Connally High School. I was born in Mexico and raised in Austin Texas My main interest is multimedia. I love videos games with a passion and sometimes I have more fun learning about how a game works rather than playing the game itself. The same goes with computers, I’m an avid PC enthusiast not only for gaming, but also for anything else that the PC is capable off. I’m also an amateur photographer. I’ve always loved what a camera can do to capture a moment. And finally, I’m very into music. My favorite genre is Heavy metal and about 90% of the sub-genres. I’m also learning the Cello and I’ve attempted to make my own music, but it hasn’t worked out so well. I might try again in the future.

    Just like many opportunities that I’ve taken in the past, the main thing that I want to get out of this program is experience. There’s that saying about how you need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience. I find that extremely untrue. I that people usually say that because they don’t want to invest their own time into an internship that’s usually unpaid. But I think programs like this are a great way to not only stretch your limbs, but also get your foot in the door in huge and awesome programs like SXSW. And even though the main attraction of this program might be the SXSW gold badge, I think that outside of the obvious benefits of having badge to the event is the opportunities to expand your perspective to the multimedia industry. Whether it’s gaming, music, or cinema.

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