Day 1

Well first I must say we stand a lot! I know to wear comfortable shoes all day. BUUUT the day was extremely fun. I walked into a room full of chairs, welcoming people & food. It was a very welcoming environment! We started off with a bunch of ice breakers that made me really feel in a place where I can be myself and be comfortable with no judging. Everyday there’s someone being judged, but here it’s a place everyone can fit in. People who were shy seemed to warm up and talk more to everybody and everybody gets along really well.

The whole thing about the first day was real life situations and the Hip Hop culture. It’s ridiculous how unfair the country is. You have people going to jail because of how they appear and how they talk. You have neighborhood blocks being looked at in bad way because they’re getting sucked into the hype of what else is going on around them and NOT what you should be focused on. Same thing that happens in the real world. Jobs don’t want you because of how you look or talk, or even where you come from. You just have to be what you can, and I think if you want to prove people wrong regardless of how you look or talk,  you can come out ON TOP of them!

My first day was a blast and I loved it! It so far the best way to spend a 8 hour day!

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