First day!

I feel like the first day was a great success! I walked in not knowing a single person in the class and walked out knowing everyone. I soon found out that I actually had a lot in common with the other students, older and younger. I really enjoyed the team buiding exercises, they helped me get more comfortable with my surroundings and the people that I will be spending the next 5 Saturdays all day with. Getting to know others is one of my favorite things to do. Finding out where they come from, what culture they belong to, how they were raised, etc. is so interesting to me. The fact that I am now very relaxed and open with the other students brings my anxiety level way down. I feel like this class is going to be very fun and eductional at the same time. Experiencing new things with new faces is always a plus. The immediate connection that we all had with eachother amazed me, I feel like i’ve known all of them my whole life. We’re all coming together so quickly and it makes me really happy. I’m proud to say that I will be getting up at 7:30 am for the next 5 Saturdays and staying 8 hours at a place I enjoy being at with people that put endless smiles on my face. You guys rock, amazing first day! 🙂

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