1st day

On my first day at the Youth Media Project was interesting. In the beginning when I came in I sat by myself because I didn’t know nobody and I was kind of scared what we were going to do today. I taught that they were gonna make us do stuff without even introducing a were self, but it was different then what I expected. They made use do group building activities that help us find similarities in interests, ideas, and life experiences of one another. It was really interesting learning of one of another without even talking to one another.There were some that were kind of personal to me like the college one. I felt ember-rest that I was one of the kids that there parent’s did not go to college, but I was happy that I wasn’t the only one that their parent’s did not went to college. Some of the activities that they made us do, that I remembered, was moving to different sides of the room if you agreed, disagreed, or were neutral to whatever questions they were asking. The other was putting all of us in other from youngest to oldest. That was so fun to do because we had to put a were self in order without talking, writing, texting, using your phone and lip reading. The next activity that they did was putting us in a big circle and and if the quote applied to you go into the inner of the circle and if it did not you stay in the outer of the circle. When all those activities were done, with breaks between the activities, we had lunch. The lunch was good. I had fried chicken with potato salad and for drink was coca cola. Later when everybody was done eating we did a were last activity and that was 4 groups compete with each other, make a city and earn the most points. To make a city you had to get the supplies an to get the supplies you had to asnwer questions about hip pop. You could Beef people ( Beef is mostly a card that the group could use against other groups to gain their materials by making bets and challenging them with battles that you choose like art, dances, or free styling, or you could send one of their members to “jail” so they couldn’t help their own group.

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    Hi Jessica,
    It appears you placed the text of your blog in the title area. I recommend coming up with a short title and pasting what you’ve written into the main body of your post.

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