Who am I?

My name is Jennifer Chavez, I’m a sophomore at Manor High School, (woot woot) Go Mustangs! I was born and am still being raised in Austin Texas. I’m a really iffy person, so there’s always a ‘but’ when I’m deciding on what I want to spent the rest of my life doing. I originally wanted to be a veterinarian, I can’t stand to seen animals in pain. Then I wanted to be a lawyer, but there’s too many unemployed lawyers. I later started thinking about being one of those people who analyze cadavers, because they’re really interesting, unfortunately I kept having zombie nightmares, so I scratched that out. I finally realized that television, is, by far my favourite things, I want to know more about how they set up for stunts, or the effects they do while they’re editing, and all that jazz, and not until this year did I ever think of pursuing a career on it. I’m hoping this program could bring me one step closer to my ambitions.

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