My First Day

The first day of the program was really fun, I’d say. I got to meet some really cool people, and those who I didn’t meet, I still got to know some stuff about them because of the activities we did, such as the agree/undecided/disagree game, also the step in/out of the circle game, and when I got to tell people three things I liked about myself I figured out that one of the teachers there knows my younger sister, that was interesting! Then I believe we got in groups and tried to pick up a pole, everyone had to had two fingers on it, and you couldn’t wrap your fingers around it, etc. We also tried to get someone across the room without them stepping on the items scattered around the floor. Last but not least we got into our own little gangs, it was really interesting, because my ‘gang’ strategized and everything, but we got caught up in all the beef! So over all , my first day was incredible, and I didn’t regret waking up early or spending eight hours there, and that says a lot!

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