First day of YMP

My first day at YMP was exciting. It was very enjoyable. When I first arrived, I wasn’t sure about the boot camp because I had to meet a lot of new people that were my age. I didn’t know anybody except for my family. I like how Shaca and the rest of the committee introduced their selves. I love the activities Shaca does with the group. The first day was fun because we got to meet new people and do different fun activities so we could get to know each other. I’m glad that I’m in a youth group with people around my age. I can relate to almost all of my peers. I also love how Shaca talks about different issues that’s going on in today’s society (racism, life, etc). The first day we did activities such as  agree/disagree, organizing from youngest to oldest while not talking, landlines, etc. I like how you guys come up with fun activities that teach a lesson. My favorite activity from the first day was landlines. I like how it was related to real life. I also liked how some of the people from our “block” had to go to “jail” because it showed us that when our loved ones or people we know go to jail how much it affects us. When some of our team members went to jail, it was hard for us to win battles and challenges. It was also hard for us to answer some of the hip hop questions Shaca was using so we could build more buildings such as a liquor store, school, library, beauty supply store, pizza place, etc. Overall, I’m really looking forward to the next sessions and to earning a gold badge for SxSW.

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