Who I Am assignment

My name is Jessikah Campbell. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Austin, Texas about 6 months ago to better my life and education. I am a 17 year old honors student. I love to sing and listen to a variety of music. I was homeless in Chicago and Frank Byers moved me and my boyfriend (Myles) to Texas so I could have a stable place to live. I will be graduating from high school this month. I decided to join E4Youth YMP because I would like a chance to experience what it’s like to work with cameras and media. I think I’ll be very good with giving interviews and speaking with a lot of people during SxSW. What I expect to learn from the group is leadership skills. I want to be able to show people how to do media projects. I love to help people. Helping others is one of my specialties. I’ve always wanted to be a singer or work in the media industry.  I am also a very kind person. I want to be the change people wish to see. Being in E4Youth will help me work on my leadership skills and what it takes to work in the media industry.

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