5 commercials


Target Audience: People that are looking for a new car around the holidays (Christmas time).

Locations/Environments: Homes or just anywhere.

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: The commercial is saying that buying a new Honda for a great price will cause you much joy, which is why they have Michael Bolton singing.


Target Audience: People that want to be great, or at least do something in life.

Locations/ Environments: Gyms, Courts, Fields and things of that nature.

Subliminal Stimuli and Messaging: It’s pretty straight forward, it’s motivational, it helps push you to get up, get out, and get something.


Target Audience: People that need insurance, probably fresh out of college, early 20’s.

Locations/Environemts: There is no specific locations, but probably people in the working world.

Subliminal Stimuli ad Messaging: It’s saying that accidents happen, and they want to be the ones that you trust when something goes wrong.


Target Audience: Everyone, but mostly adults.

Locations/ Environments: Everywhere, anyone with any donations.

Subliminal Stimuli and Messaging: It’s a very sad way to get people to donate to their organization for sheltering animals.


Target Audience: Men that want to smell good.

Locations/ Environments: Probably home or a bathroom.

Subliminal Stimuli and Messaging: It’s called axe peace, and they showed ‘peace’ by displaying different wars and situations being stopped because of love.

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