About me and what I expect to gain from YMPB

Hi, My name is Monty Hill I’m 16 year old and I go to Hendrickson High school. I live with my step dad mother and I’m the oldest out my 3. My brother Caden and My sister Brianna. What I expect to gain from YMPB is how to be able to work on sounds and doing visual media. I would like to learn more about how to work camera and maybe get into  my own talk show about sports and or do media with sports. With sounds I like to work on beats mixing and rhyming  all types or beats.I really just want to try something  new for a chance because life is not always going to be about sports and someday I’m going to need something else to fall back on. I learning how to work on music beats and visual media is a great fall back plan. That’s what I expect to gain from YMPB.

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