Advertisement 1:

Target Audience: Athletes, male and female, highschool and college aged

Location/Enviroment: On a court, on a track, in a gym

Message: If you have/buy nikes, you can do anything you want. You can fulfill your dreams/accomplish anything while wearing the shoes.

Advertisement 2: Old Navy Commercial

Target Audience: Elementary school kids, mothers of young children

Location/Enviroment: At school, on a field, on a stage, in a class, at lunch

Message: If you buy their clothes, you will be an overachiever. Once you wear the clothes, you’ll realize that you wanna be involved in alot of activities and be the best at anything and everything.

Advertisement 3: Lays Chips Commercial

Target Audience: Women, middle aged, food lovers

Location/Enviroment: In nature, in a driveway, in front of a house

Message: Once you have one taste of the chips, you’ll instantly fall in love and want more. Convincing people to try them, and then they will want more and more and keep buying them.

Advertisement 4: Taco Bell Commercial

Target Audience: Sports fans, NBA watchers, middle aged men

Location/Enviroment: In a movie theater, in a restaurant, on the basketball court, in a library, in the snow outside

Message: Once you eat the XXL Steak Nachos, you’ll feel like Kevin Love. Kevin Love is a 6′ 10″ NBA superstar, he is really tall and big. Once you eat the nachos, you’ll feel like you can eat alot and you will be craving the nachos and keep eating more and more.

Advertisement 5: TomorrowWorld Trailer

Target Audience: Music addicts, 18-25 year old men and women, ravers

Location/Enviroment: Crowds of people, Georgia, outside on a big field, in an arena, in front of a stage

Message: If you go to TommorrowWorld, you’ll feel at peace with the world. You will find true happiness and feel like your friends with everyone there. You will not feel stressed at all and you will feel the meaning of love and acceptance. You will hear great music and meet a bunch of different people from different parts of the world uniting together just to listen to awesome music and intake the positive vibes. You will open your minds and be introduced to a whole new experience, and it will be an unforgettable amazing experience. One of the best or probably the best time of your life. Definitely a life changing moment.

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