A. In this advertisement farmers and animals are used to display the lonely farmers.
B. Farmers, ranchers, and “country folk” are the target audience for this ad.
C. The farms was the only location used in this ad.
D. The message of this ad was to get farmers to see they can find love with people similar to them.

A. The main marketing strategy used in this ad was the actress Scarlett Johanson.
B. The target audience for this ad is people attracted to women. Teen boys are more than likely the target audience because they commonly drink soda.
C. The location and environment used in this ad are a science lab and a stage.
D. The subliminal message in this ad is sex.

A. The market strategy in this ad was to mock the accusations that high fructose corn syrup is unhealthy.
B. The target audience of this ad is concerned moms and people worried about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup.
C. The location of this ad is a children’s party in a suburban neighborhood.
D. The message of this ad is for people against the use of high fructose corn syrup. They want people to do diligence about high fructose corn syrup instead of believing what they hear.

A. The marketing strategy used in this ad is using a kid to connect with parents in need of a car.
B. The target audience would be parents, people interested in technology, and Volkswagen car owners.
C. The location used in this ad was a suburban home, because the advertisers believe people in the suburbs would most likely drive these cars.
D. The message in this ad is the car has technology benefits that are “out of this world” and advanced.

A. The advertisement plays on the awkward situations people find themselves in that may cause sweat.
B. The target audience is: teens, girls, young women, awkward people, and people with over active sweat glands.
C. This commercial took place at and outside office party.
D. The message of this ad is that the deodorant will keep you dry even in stressful situations.

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