Target Audience(s):people who need battery that work
Locations/Environments:football stadium/field, house, inside a car,school and street.
Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: ” So I Didn’t listen” and “Know I Can Hear Them All”. They are trying to use the football and the team that if he bought you should buy it because it works.
Target Audience(s):Everyone in the United States
Locations/Environments:outdoors, mountains, movie theater, in the water, in the car, streets, camping, restaurant, city
Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: “But They Aren’t Me”.The American theme anthem. The are singing the even do we are all different, we are still one as whole with the nation an what is keeling us together is Coca Cola.

Target Audience(s): people who are planning to go to college and that don’t like taking the traditional route.
Locations/Environments:city,classroom and building
Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: If you want classes that you are in control and if you want a career go to Colorado Technical University
Target Audience(s):people 21 and over
Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging:That family stick together.

Target Audience(s):male’s
Locations/Environments: all over the world
Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: The leaders of their countries. With AXE you will make peace with the world.

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