Day 1

Day 1 was very fun or to put it another way would be unique. We did team building exercises that included not only learning about each other on a deep level more on that later. We also did a nonverbal exercise where we needed to communicate our age and line up youngest to oldest without talking, I found that quite fun and comical the way alot of people started giving up. I also learned alot about hip hop like how it started in the bronx, we broke into groups and had to build up our own “bronx”while trying to avoid getting “raygened” or getting “beefed” by the other 3 teams, my group the AD never got “beefed” nor did we use our Beef and we won, and earned a prize for our group. About what I mentioned earlier about the deep level of understanding each other the exercises we did were alot of where you stand on these topics then we switched over to inside and outside circles and we sent upon some serious topics i was surprised to see people whom i shared alot in common with. All in all im happy with YMP and who I meet their and what I learn their.

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