Exploring Advertising Strategies

Target Audience(s) Teengers

Locations/Environments Gym/Sports

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging. The message tells us that we shouldn’t make excuses for our self’s but instead we should just do it and not make stupid excuses not to.


Target Audience(s)Everyone

Locations/Environments Outside

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging. The message is that greatness can be achieved by anyone its you who needs to find it and not think that where born with it or we cant earn it. Its are will to be great and not just normal

Target Audience(s) Men

Locations/Environments Bathroom

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging. That the smell is so good that it blow your mind away and smell is power

Target Audience(s)Drivers

Locations/Environments Outside

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging. That you shouldn’t drink and drive because the consequences can much worst than what you think. its shows a man that lose his leg do to drinking and driving


Target Audience(s)Smokers

Locations/Environments The forest

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging. Give an understanding of what happens when you smoke its show one side of the forest destroyed showing the effect it will have on your body. And it says before its to late which means you should stop before you get hurt or die

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  • Antonio February 7, 2014  

    Donovan, I like your work but the last one is not really about smokers, it is actually a metaphor of the forrest as a person with cancer to represent how we are destroying the environment.
    The source/company is WWF, this is an activist company that makes this kind of campaigns of environment awareness.

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