My 1st Day

I was nervous as I walked in, having only a small idea of what to expect, and I didn’t know anyone. This was my going to be my first experience really getting to learn how to work in communicating ideas and working with people that I have never met before. But somehow, even if you have never met a group of people, in the real world, you need to be able to just get to work.

I think that is why the first day’s lesson was about team building. I think it was very important that we did this first so that we know that we are all a team, and we need to develop skills to work together. I liked that we went around and gave our opinions on different topics, because as I listened to what other people were saying, it made me really reflect on what I really felt. I think I was able to take an honest look at what I felt and thought, and I was strong enough to share my opinions, especially with all the support and respect that was shown by everyone in the group. They were also very brave by sharing very personal experiences. Especially experiences that can shape or form a person dramatically. It really brought to light that we really don’t know what someone else has gone through. This group I worked with really opened up and showed their vulnerability and it was amazing to see what kids my age have been through.

I really look forward to learning from our mentors and from other students.

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