Who am I?

Me Djing at a party

Me Djing at a party

I am Anthony Donithan, but I like to be called tony unless I am trying to be formal.Im 16. I go to school at Pflugerville high school and i plan on going to college. Im on the plguerville high school Speech and Debate team. I mainly listen to Post hardcore and a lot of electronic music. I produce Edm and trap music. My goal for this year is to get signed. I am working with several different artist right now that are also not signed. I really wanna get signed to Spinnin Records. Right now I work at a local skate rink called ASA and I do a show there every first friday of the month. I have been Djing since i was eigth grade and since then it has been a huge part of my life. Djing is one of those thing I could for 6 hours and still wanna do it the next day. I recently just release my new album Nightmare. You can listen to one of the songs off of it on soundcloud there is a link below and if you like it you can download it if you click the link below that.


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