Exploring Advertising Strategies

 Target Audience: Women

Location: Outside, in the cold. (Winter)

Message: The message of this ad is for women to feel free and good during their menstrual cycle. The ad is saying that if you use Tampax tampons, you’ll feel great. It is also great for those who have never worn tampons and are looking for something else to use besides pads. It is also convenient because there small and can be carried in your pocket or purse.

                                                                                                             Target audience: Anybody who needs a cell phone or who is looking for a different cell phone service.

Location: Any where in the world

Message: This ad is saying that AT&T has the best coverage in the world. AT&T wants people to sign up for their carrier. In this ad, their saying that your cell phone will have service any where including the Bahamas. I thought this ad was interesting and unique because it’s expressing someone using their AT&T  cellphone. The hands represent what’s underwater in the Bahamas.

Target audience: Women

Location: New York

Message: This ad is saying that maybe women are born with beauty or maybe it’s Maybelline that is making them beautiful. This ad advertises Maybelline make up and how it’s the best make up to use.

Target audience: In this ad, the focus is on women. Vitamins can be used for anybody, men and women.

Location: In your home.

Message: This message is showing how much energy PEP vitamins give you. In this ad, the husband notices how his wife does a lot of cleaning and she is not tired. The husband is tired by the time his office closes. He was curious on why his wife is not tired and she does a lot of work. The husband finds that his wife is more attractive when she works hard. In this ad, Kellogg’s PEP vitamins are trying to persuade people that their vitamins are the best and they give you the most energy.

Target audience: Women

Location: Any where this deodorant is sold.

Message: In this ad, it asks 3 questions (Cream goes grainy?, Too stiff to spread?, Armpit pimples?). They ask these questions because they are trying to show how their deodorant doesn’t cause none of those problems. They are also trying to say that people usually have those problems when using other deodorant. Yodora Deodorant Cream doesn’t cause those popular problems. They are telling to buy that deodorant if you don’t want those problems to happen to you.

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