Exploring Advertising Strategies

Target audience: Any body who is addicted to cigarettes.

Location: Any where these cigarettes are sold

Message: This advertisement is comparing women to cigarettes. In society, people think that the best girlfriend/wife to have is one that is skinny and has a lot of money. They are saying that their cigarettes are thin and rich as well. They are saying that the richer (women and cigarettes) the better they are. Silva Thins are the best cigarettes to have.


Target audience: Anybody who buys light bulbs (everyone).

Location: In your house or wherever you want to use light bulbs.

Message: If you can’t read the fine print, it says “Ordinary bulbs are killing the environment”. I thought this ad was interesting because the light bulb is also a rope that is used to hang people. They are telling you to switch to Compact Fluorescent Lamps so you can save more energy and help the environment.


Target audience: Anybody who loves fast food.

Location: Everywhere in the world (McDonalds is national)

Message: I thought this ad was interesting as well because no matter how good they “look”, they are still bad for your health. When you actually buy a McDonalds Big Mac, it doesn’t even look like the picture in the ads. McDonalds uses good looking food images so they can persuade you to buy their food.


Target audience: Any one who is looking for a new phone

Location: Any where the Sony Xperia Z phone is available

Message: This ad is advertising their new Sony Xperia Z phone. The phone is waterproof. They are also comparing their phone to the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S III was very popular when it was released. Now they are saying that the Galaxy S III is growing old and the Sony Xperia Z is the best phone to have. They are advertising that the phone is underwater because it is waterproof and most people  have trouble with their phones because it’s usually water damaged.


Target audience: Anybody who is looking for a phone

Location: Any where in the world. Androids and Iphones are sold everywhere.

Message: This ad is trying to say that Android is better than the I phone. It shows this by the Android avatar fighting the I phone avatar and the Android avatar won the fight. This ad is also showing the Android phones are stronger that the I phone because the Android avatar sliced the I phone in half.

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