First Day of YMP

My first day at YMP boot camp was fun. I was kind of skeptical at first because I had to meet a lot of new people. Luckily, Shaka introduced himself and started some activities with us so we could all get to know each other more. The activities were interesting. We did activities such as organizing ourselves from youngest to oldest without talking, agree/disagree, landlines, etc. Landlines was my favorite activity because it was related to real life. I thought it was related to real life because a few people from our block were sent to jail. Also, Shaka would sometimes drop a drug card too. When some people from our block went to jail, it affected the rest of the team. That scenario is related to real life because when a relative of yours or a family member goes to jail, it affects friends and family. It was kind of difficult for our block to answer some of the hip-hop questions too. Some of the members didn’t know too much about hip-hop. The activity was fun and kept us entertained. I like how we were able to build our own library, hair salon, school, pizzeria, etc.  I also loved how we were able to challenge other blocks so we could take their buildings. Overall, the first day of YMP was exciting. After a while I felt comfortable talking to my peers. I can relate to most of them too because we’re all in the same age group.

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