Exploring Advertising Strategies


Target Audience(s): Anybody who has a phone or is getting one.

Location/Environments: Elementary school classroom

Sublimal Stimuli & Messaging: That AT&T is the fastest 4G LTE network


Target Audience(s): People that deals with the stock market

Location/ Environments: In a baby’s room

Sublimal Stimuli & Messaging: That with ETrade you can diversify your stocks


Target Audience(s): People that need car insurance

Location/ Environments: In an airport line

Sublimal Stimuli & Messaging: You’ll be happy when you get Geico and find out how much money you save


Target Audience(s): Anybody who likes m&m’s

Location/ Environments: At a party then ends in a car

Sublimal Stimuli & Messaging: You can’t resist m&m’s


Target Audience(s): Anybody

Location/ Environments: In a car thats in a Sonic drive- thru

Sublimal Stimuli & Messaging: Sonic’s food will blow your mind


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