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Duracell battery’s

Target Audience: Anyone who likes NFL pro football

Locations/Environments: On the Seahawks home field during a game, in the NFL pro combine, At a home most likely derrick Coleman’s home, and also on a street very early in the morning

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: That with the right amount of power you can do anything




Target Audience: People of love technology

Locations/Environments: In places that uses technology the most, also place that help people with technology

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: That technology can empower people to do things that they couldn’t of done normally because of who they are


Coke cola

Target Audience: The American people127+/*999\\7


Locations/Environments: Most likely all around America

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: That with coke cola  people can be connected to others and be part of something beautiful like America


Old spice hair gel

Target Audience: To men who like women

Locations/Environments: In a meeting room during a meeting

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: that with old spice hair gel you could get any women you want



Target Audience: people who love heavy duty trucks

Locations/Environments: out in the country

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: That a Chevy is strong  enough to handle a-lot of weight




























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