Assignment 4

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Plot: The plot is for the children to go around to people who are caught smoking on camera and to ask them for a lighter, when the adults refuse, they leave them a note that ask them why be concerned with my health when you don’t your own. leaving the random citizens to question their actions.

Characters: Two children and random smoking adults are the characters of this advertisement.

Conflict: Many citizens are caught of the act of smoking, two kids are trying to get a light for their cigarettes and their issue is resolved by teaching the adults that they’re no better than they are for their choices.

Setting: The setting of the advertisement takes place in central city streets.

Theme: The theme of the anti smoking advertisement was that you shouldn’t be concerned trying to help others when you can’t even care for yourselves. Don’t be a hypocrite, don’t smoke.

Point of the Producers View:

The Producers had a great role in the production of this advertisement. He had to devise the concept of how all the camera shots would be arranged and take place and would make sure he got a good clear shot to send out the child actors. He would have had to figured out where he could place the hidden cameras in order to avoid having it blocked and would have to address the children when to go out and speak with the smoking people. He also would have had to decided who he wanted to send the children up to to be a good character to pick on for their shot.

The target market was clearly to smokers to make them aware to be cautious of their decisions. If it were leaned towards a younger generation such as teenagers, they would make the setting more centered towards a school or park with people doing drugs in attempt to fit in and be normal, the conflict would be more centered on how the choice  can effect their future and the characters would be at a similar age group and would have a much clearer theme of commercial.

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Plot: The plot of this advertisement is the daughter created a card for someones birthday, as they take the card to the expected receiver of the gift but instead are surprised with the reality of the situation.

Characters: The characters of the story are a young girl and her mother.

Conflict: The daughter created a birthday card for her deceased father that has been killed in a car crash.

Setting:  The setting of the advertisement is a suburban neighborhood and cemetery.

Theme: The theme is your reckless actions can result in the hurt and breaking of another family and life. be responsible with your actions.

The cinematographer had an important role in attempt to create a the feeling of unknown sadness from the family and to still display a sense of normality that families can relate too and follow up on. He had to be able to make sure the scenery chosen would fit the way families live and act but still leave a hint of mystery that would be revealed at the end of the advertisement. The cinematographer wanted to put an edgy feel to the video to properly express the emotion of the broken family that would draw the attention of the viewer and keep them interested to at end leave them breathless and filled with thought.

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Plot: The plot of this advertisement is a woman cannot find a good drink to satisfy her husband. She discovers Folger’s coffee and it makes her husband content.

Characters: Young woman and her husband are the characters of this advertisement.

Conflict:  The conflict of this advertisement is the husband does not like the coffee his wife makes for him and the wife is sad she cannot satisfy her husband with her coffee and needs to find a good coffee for him to drink.

Setting:  The setting takes place in a stereotypical suburban home, early to late 1950’s and a grocery store.

Theme: The theme for this is Folger’s coffee will make your husband happy and keep your marriage happy. Although it is portrayed as sexist for the majority, this was the common for the era.

The role of the director was important in where he had to develop a situation where a they could find a way to advertise their product to a certain audience that would find a it relatable and would want to buy the product. He would have to make sure the shots were clear and would make sense and relate to their target consumers in order to really reach out to them to sell their product successfully.

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