Commercial interests- The Art behind The Ads

Commercials are a main part of media. Without it, many of the things we have would not have been known of. How do commercials work? And how do they portray things? The production behind many commercials has meaning and messages. To begin, let’s take a Look at a few of these.

Commercial 1

Commercial 2 [FIFA 2010 WC]

Commercial 3 [Product Expansion]

For commercial 1, we see that its plot is to succeed. It is showing the benefits of using Adidas products, and How during performance it can enhance it and Help to preform better. Different people use different products each supplying their apparel needs, both physically and aesthetically. It is also shown how towards using these products, fun and many other possibilities are easily achieved.
The Characters in this commercial have ranged from professional , all-star athletes, to everyday people. Famous or not, there are skaters, soccer players and BMX’ers alike; they all use Adidas and have benefitted from doing so.
This commercial also seems to show something else as well: a conflict. We see in the beginning that fame is vast and big, and we see people walking towards a podium, stage, or Field. The conflict is given to us right off the bat, that obtaining fame is not easy, but through hard work with the aid of Adidas, can be achieved with practice.
The setting has no place in particular except earth. Many people from many places, all coming together in the form of Using Adidas.
The theme behind this commercial is to promote Adidas in a way that shows people fully benefiting from it. Adidas wants people to watch this commercial, and be inspired to buy their products as they can help them towards achieving greatness.
Moving on to the second commercial, we have a short clip demonstrating what would be considered as a culinary spin on athletics.
The plot here is to show the benefits of making sandwiches, and how it can help sponsor the official team of México. The plot also shows there are no limits to the layers of sandwiches you can create, making it a favorable food choice for many.
For the characters we have a few random strangers but mostly noted the Members of the Soccer team México.
The characters include the Defense, Goalie, Center-Midfield and Forward for the team as there is only a portion of them there, not everyone on the team.
For Conflict, making sandwiches is arguably the main one. Pan Bimbo is the brand presented here, and during the World Cup in 2010, many people needed to find a more versatile meal that did not require so much preparation but didn’t end up tasting like defeat. The solution to this is making sandwiches. The Ideal meal.
For setting, this was most likely taken place In México, in an empty studio.
All throughout the video we see different players all in what can be considered the same vicinity.
For theme, We conclude that it is to make sandwiches. The best meal there is, and can also sponsor and benefit our México team in winning the World Cup.

For the Last commercial, We have a rather optimistic and funky twist on plain old headphones.
The plot behind this commercial is color. The idea of having white everywhere is bland and plain. In the plot there are splashes of different colors, each symbolizing unique talents such as skating, basketball or even a Best buy cashier. These headphones bring out a new style, and new person.
For characters we have the main character and giver of flamboyant acrylics, Dr.Dre himself. The creator of beats makes an appearance in this commercial. There is also Chris Brown and a famous skater . a few others are also featured in this commercial.
The conflict here is change. White headphones are colorless and boring, even though ironically enough white contains every single color in existence. To change this, these boring headphones are given Color and style accordingly. Different colors represent different things.
The setting is in a Enclosed place, a dystopic environment. It is white all around, and the only color is that of the headphones and clothing of people shown.
The theme here is to  add color to your life. With this being said, we can roughly translate it into buying these headphones in order to give life color expressively, through the use of these headphones.

Producing these commercials was obviously not an easy task. There were different positions people took in a team to be able to successfully completed this commercial.
For commercial 1, we can see that roughly the hardest position must have been The Sound recordist.
The sound recordist for the first Commercial must have had a troubling time in getting all the audio together. Many of the clips shown would have not provided enough space or room for the sound recordist to fully roam and capture audio, leaving him/her to find special spots to record in. As for the DP, many of these shots taken are difficult to obtain, but not impossible . the lighting plays a huge role, as many shots are filmed outdoors.
For the second commercial, the hardest position must have been the music supervisor. This commercial needed to be iconic and pertain to the aspects of Mexican culture, without going over the top. The footage was set, but finding a track to fit it perfectly would have taken an extended amount of time.
For the Third Commercial, the most difficult position must have been the Editor. While working inside a well lit space, many of the shots taken are great and ready to present, but will not and up meeting the theme. The editor would have had to set up special timing for each shot, and would have had to individually place many frames to make a slow-motion commercial. A few other difficulties would have been involved but being able to make this video in slower time is the main one.

Commercials are all seen and produced. But who are the target markets? How does this affect the commercial? Well, we can Start off with the second Commercial- The world cup sandwich. This commercial was targeted to Mexicans and The country of Mexico. The commercial clearly shows that it is directed towards that audience, and The storyline fits it well. We see that it promotes the team of Mexico, and Mexican culture. What if this commercial was aimed at a different audience? Such as the Western hemisphere? Or the world? There would be a notable change in the plot and storyline. The commercial would contain many soccer players from many teams, all from different positions. The jerseys and soundtracks would have been switched into something That could be easily known worldwide. The setting would have most likely been a stadium, or open grassland, and would have featured many people of different races creating their individual sandwich recipes.
These are commercials and this is production.

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