Elements of Production

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1. Pantene Commercial

Plot:A deaf girl learns to play the violin and faces many put-downs by a peer.

Conflict:She is constantly put down by a “fellow classmate”.

Setting: Urban environment, school, and performing center.

Characters:Deaf girl, Old Violinist, Antagonist girl

Theme:You can express yourself in your own way, even if it seems contradictory.

    If I would’ve been the writer I would’ve probably had a hard time making a story fit in this small amount of time. I know we had that problem (sort of) when we were making our YMP ad. But I can’t imagine having this story compressed into 30s.But I imagine that the writer would have been in charge of making sure that the script had enough detail for the director to take over.

[youtube height=”480″ width=”848″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s22HX18wDY&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

2.TrueMove H – Giving

Plot: A young boy steals medicine for his mother, a store owner helps him pay for the stuff. Later on in his life the boy returns the favor.

Conflict:The boy steals from the woman, and the store owner’s daughter faces financial problems after the store owner has medical problems.

Setting:Urban environment with low socioeconomic status, hospital.

Characters: Poor boy/Doctor, Store Owner, Daughter

Theme: Do good to others, you never know when it’ll pay back

    I think that the director would have had a pretty interesting time getting the emotions out of all of the characters. The angry woman and the little girl were very well played in my opinion. Overall the commercial felt very genuine with the emotions. Not only the emotions from the characters but with few words spoken he probably had to also make decision on how exactly the whole event would have played out in order to make sense.

[youtube height=”480″ width=”848″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GETzOHRPqus&feature=share[/youtube]

3. Mrs. Chong

Plot: A boy starts his secondary education while juggling sibling care and what looks like a full-time job. His teacher sees that he’s lagging behind and helps him with tutoring and personal help. After falling back once more, eventually his teacher helps him later on in the future.

Conflict: The student can’t keep up with his school work and life

Setting: South Korean college, common streets

Characters:Student, Mrs.Chong

Theme:  Simple generosity can help in big ways.

    I can’t imagine being the production manager for this commercial. The use of public senses would have been hard to coordinate whether it was full of actors or real people.  Just thinking about all of the people needed to keep things in check and making sure that everyone’s where they’re suppose to be gives me shivers.

Target Audience:  I looked at TrueMove H’s video over and over. And the initial video has a very broad target audience. The commercial says that giving is the best way of communication, and obviously everyone but babies can give. But once I did more research and found out that they were a communication company I’m thinking that their real target is probably higher up people in businesses that have the resources to give to others by using their service. I’d like to think that if I was a South Korean looking for an ISP or carrier, the

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