Identifying Elements of Production
Part one
Plot: The plot was for people to buy their product witch was ShineStrong Patene.
Characters: the characters for this commercials were men and woman in there 20’s to late 30’s.
conflict: Even do man and woman do the same thing. Woman are judge more harshly then men.
Setting: The setting for this commercial were in the city mostly in a building.
Theme: The theme that I got was if you want to set your’re self free from labels use Patene.

Part two
The music supervisor role was applied to this commercial by finding the perfect song for this commercial and that goes with it. They had to sit in the computer for a long period of time to find right song. I think some difficulties that they may have had was finding a song that went with the commercial. They may had found some songs that was perfect for the video but it didn’t went with it or that the song went with it but it didn’t work with the video.

Part one
Plot: Their plot was to get people hungry for Snickers
Character: the characters in this commercial were majority boys except for Betty White.
conflict: The conflict on this commercial was that one of the team mates were not acting like them self
Setting:the setting for this commercial was in a football field.
Theme: If you don’t eat a Snicker you will become some one you’re not.

Part two
The editing role was applied to this commercial by making the commercial to be within there time frame and to pick the best shots for the commercial. I feel that some problems that they may had gone threw was making was the commercial short and to explained everything that the product had to offer. Another problem I taught they may have had was picking the shots for the video because I know as a viewer that nobody will watch the commercial if the commercial had bad shots.

Part one
Plot: the plot for this commercial was to get people to buy the IPhone because the music sound better then in other phones.
Character: The characters were little kids up to their early or late 20’s.
conflict: There was no conflict in this commercial.
Setting: The setting was all over the wold. Well I believe that it is all over the world.
Theme: The theme is if you want the best quality music in a phone get the IPhone.

Part two
The Cinematographer role in this commercial was to create the best shots that they make for this commercial. They had to make shots that could speak for them self without anybody help. Some problems that the Cinematographers may have had are the what kind of shots they should get.

Part three
The target market for this Apples commercial are the young adults and younger Because they were showing youngster in there video and them having fun. If apple tried to make a commercial for the elderly they would have to change a lot of things for the elderly to like the commercial and for them to want to buy the product. They would have to make the commercial more calmer like having people sitting down and them on there phone doing something that will help them.

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