Assignment 4

Free Credit Report

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Plot: Influence audience to stay up to date with there credit score by visiting the website.

Characters: The characters consist of a band and the guitarist wife.

Conflict: The guitarist got married to the girl of his dreams afterwards found out she had bad credit.

Settings: The setting takes place in the basement of the guitarist new wife’s parents house.

Theme: The theme suggest that you should keep up with you and your domestic partner credit score.

The cinematographer role was very important in this commercial. He had to take a small room and try to figure out how to fit  the basic living requirement such as couches, washing machine, TV etc… that small room with limited space. And also figure out how to fit a 3 man band and their instruments, plus one more person in that small room as well. And be able to fit everything in the camera shot.


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Plot: Inform the audience of the possible dangers of being social on the internet.

Characters: The Characters includes a female and a male. At the ending the female is not whom she seems to be.

Conflict: A young man cyber chatting with a young lady who later on is not who she says she is.

Setting: The setting takes place inside what appears to be a young teen room.

Theme: If you choose to cyber chat, do it with extreme caution. Try to make sure you really know the person you talking to.

The director was very creative in this commercial. He figure out how to make it suspenseful and informational at the same time with little words to be said. The commercial kind off had you guessing in witch direction it was going and what it was about. It ending in a way i believe had a very shocking way, that made me wanna take a look at my online social life.


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Plot: The plot is to influence the audience to drink Pepsi.

Characters: Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 with a young generation of kids.

Conflict: A kid trying to find the thrill of his day.

Setting: The setting takes place in the middle of the road in  a neighborhood.

Theme: You are a Pepsi generation, guzzle down a Pepsi its the thrill of the day.

The music supervisor who believe would be Michael Jackson was very entertaining. He had to take his song, remake it , and use it in a way to influence the young generation ,I believe, that Pepsi is the way to go  if you wanna thrill in your life. Most likely he was the choreographer as well and taught the ” Pepsi Generation”, as he refer to them in the commercial, some new moves.

The Target audience for this particular commercial I believe would be the youth.

In this commercial he change his target audience from youth to a target audience in which I believe he tried to reach out to everybody in the commercial below

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]



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