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Pre-production (the planning phase) was pretty difficult for my group. At first, we couldn’t figure out how to reach out to our target audience group, which is sponsors. Each person wanted to try a different approach, and we were not quite sure on which method would work best. None of us quite agreed with each other on a general overview of which approach to take in this project to create and build a commercial that would impress sponsors and eventually get them to sponsor YMP. Once we actually started shooting interviews and pictures of all of the productivity we saw within all of the other groups, all of my group members and I started getting the same idea of displaying to our target audience what exactly YMP represents, how it can help the youth gain knowledge over using media to express their thoughts and ideas, showcasing their talents for the world to see, and help them gain access to SXSW (South by South West) during spring break.



Post-production (the editing phase) was even more challenging for my group. We discovered that we had way too many videos and not enough time to put all of them into our commercial, since we are limited to 30 seconds. We decided to narrow it down to about 4 or 5 videos and we chose to focus more on pictures. We were focusing more on e4youth instead of YMP in our videos, so we recorded brand new audio that showed our speakers were a part of YMP and that YMP was our main focus in the commercial instead of e4youth. We also made a final decision to put a last minute slide that asked to sponsor us and then we put a link to the page that explains what we’re all about here at YMP ( My group is doing our commercial based off of trying to get sponsors to sponsor us and trying to get people to understand what we’re all about here at YMP. Everyone has a specific job they had to do and I personally feel like each and every one of my group members fulfilled their assigned tasks in a timely manner.



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