My First Day At YMP

On day 1 we learned about what we just had a small group activity where we had a meet and greet where we were split into group we different to people and we just got to know each other a bit more. Now for me it was a little different because I wasn’t actually there the first day, so my first day was actually the second day but from talking with some of my friends who were there they caught me and from talking with Chaka I was put into the group 3 Six clique with Anthony, Myles, Jessika, Donovan, and Kyleeil.

   So after getting to know them and them getting to know me we had a small activity to come up with our own skit using only a towel as a prop because we learned about how commercials and marketing do certain things to make think a certain way about things, and the product their selling.
   When we did our commercial it was called “Instant Light Skin” a product you could use to turn yourself into a more light skin version of yourself, the reaction was good people laughed but From Chaka and Carl we learned that yeah it’s funny but sometimes you have to be more serious about things. So we learned that and adopted for the next activity we would have to do tomorrow.
   All in all a pretty good first/second day for me and I look forward to the rest of YMP.

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