Who Am I?

Who am I? I am Aaron Williams, I am Twitch Note (my DJ name), I am a guy who has dream just like everyone else it’s just a little different. I am Aaron Williams I go to Connally High School, I am a junior about to be a Senior in August of this year, I am going to graduate in 2015 and in that time I hope to get a job, find a good college for me that will provide the things I want to study in because I want to become a DJ someday so I’m studying stuff to do with sound design, computer software and I’m talking to a lot of my friends who are also DJs for advice, help, or anything they can provide to help in the goal to become a professional DJ.

I am a know how use  GarageBand with the help of my teacher Mr. Perez who introduced me to it and who actually recommended me to go to YMP, so I thank him for that and I thank him for helping with everything that I’m in his class and outside with my class stuff and my personal stuff. But I am also skilled in final cut pro but I’m still learning it better but I know the basics.

I am also a dreamer, I like to dream big but hey who doesn’t, I’m dedicated so when I start something or I put my mind to something I do peruse it until it’s done regardless if I’m kind of a procrastinator but who has procrastinated every now and then but I’m working on it and finding ways to help myself with it. I’m very friendly and kind and positive, but at times I can be shy and timid especially when meeting new people but once I’ve broken the ice and begin to get comfortable around someone or a group of people you’ll get to know me as the crazy, outgoing, kind person I am.

Finally, I’m the type of person who likes making new friends, dreams big, and peruses the things I want in life regardless of what people think of me, my dreams, or my morals, and I will always stick to my friends, family, and my values. That is who I am, that is my stand in life. I am Aaron Williams!

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