Identifying Elements of Production

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Plot: A guy named Chandler killed three children while texting and driving.

Characters: Chandler

Conflict: Texting while driving can cause a serious accident or even death.

Setting: I believe the setting was inside his house because he was being interviewed about the car accident.

Theme: Do not text and drive

Message: Don’t text and drive because it can cause injuries to innocent people and death.

Production Role: I believe that the Director and Sound Recordist had an important role in this video because the director has to make sure that Chandler spoke correctly. Also, the sound recordist is responsible for the way Chandler speaks. The sound recordist has to make sure that Chandler was speaking loud and clear. The director also has to come up with the theme and where the commercial is recorded. The director has to make sure that the setting goes with the theme of the commercial.

Target market: The target market for this commercial is anybody who has a habit of texting and driving. Chandler was telling his experience of what happened when he was texting and driving. If the target market was teenagers, the commercial would have teenagers in the commercial texting and driving.


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Plot: The plot in this commercial was a regular dad was playing with his kids, hanging out with his friends, playing soccer, etc. After he leaves the bar with his friends, he drives home. His car slid off the road and rolled over his son in the yard.

Characters: The dad and his son and daughter, the dad’s friends, the soccer team, and the grandpa

Conflict: The dad went to the bar to have a drink and decided to drive himself home.

Setting: the dad’s yard, the bar, the soccer field

Theme: No drinking and driving

Message: Don’t drink and drive because you don’t have the same state of mind as you would if you are sober. Don’t drive while under the influence.

Production Role: The director and producer played a big role in this commercial. They both had to make sure the scene of the car crashing was accurate. They had to make it look like the little boy was killed and really smashed by a car. The editor also probably had to edit the scene as well. The director had to make sure the actors were realistic while acting.


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Plot: A teenage girl is on facebook and she receives a message from a unpopular boy named Trevor at school. She then messages her friend and tells her that “the loser boy from school” messaged her. The girl then converses with trevor. Trevor  then starts talking to her about how nobody really likes him at school. The girl then types that she’s one of those people. She also tells him that he’s weird and ugly and no wonder why he has no friends. She then finds out the Trevor committed suicide and feels horrible. The commercial then rewinds back to the part where she sent him that message. Instead of her sending a mean message, she sends a uplifting message to trevor.

Characters: Trevor, the girl and her friend

Conflict: The girl sends trevor a message about how he’s weird and ugly on facebook. Trevor commits suicide.

Setting: At the girl’s house or wherever her and Trevor were on the computer at.

Theme: Think before you act.

Message: Cyber bullying can hurt other’s feelings and can cause them to commit suicide. Cyber bullying is wrong

Production Role: The editor and director play a big role in this commercial. The director and editor had to make sure that they could video shoot the text on the screen. They had to make sure the text on the facebook website is clear on the commercial. The editor had to make sure that when the commercial switched settings that it was clear and made sense. The director had to make sure the girl and her friend messaged each other on time as well.

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