Advertising and Marketing Strategies


Target audience: Teens.
Location: Out and about, wandering.
Message: This picture is saying with a pair of Chucks you can go anywhere! You don’t need to be with anybody to be doing something.


Target audience: Everybody. I think everybody can have their own thoughts on this.
Location: Public School.
Message: There’s a very strong message behind this picture. Most students who enter public school feel completely different from another, sometimes alone, unique. An individual. As you go about your years of public school, you realize that when you’re leaving, you’re the same as everybody else. You could be trying to better yourself, you could be lost, you could be happy, but in one way or another you’re like the person next to you. You have similarities you didn’t think another would have, you have the same problems & joys on some level.  It may also be taken as you enter one way, vibrant and unique, and the boundaries and rules and restrictions OF school make you conform to what society wants you to be.. loosing your individuality. DON’T DO IT!


Target Audience: Skaters, Teenagers.
Location: On the streets.
Message: Vans are known as “skater shoes”. They’re comfortable to wear to skate in & comfort is a plus. Not to mention, they look good on your feet. Not heavy.


Target Audience: Musicians, or people that love music.
Location: Studio or Life
Message: Beats by Dre. Everyone uses them and has them. Itty bitty headphones don’t seem to give you all the sound you need or want while listening to music, so if you have a pair of Beats by Dre you can add some whole ear covering color to your life. The size will boost the sound and and you can hear more clearly than you ever have. This picture indicates that anyone can use Beats.


Target Audience: Young girls.
Location: Sleep overs.
Message: Young girls love Barbies! Sometimes a single Barbie can better a young girls life. Its “Barbie”, and she is beautiful, awesome, has great hair, and clothes. It’s the perfect doll for a young girl! Her friends can tag along and play with or they can just use the Barbie to express themselves!

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