Identifying element of Production

In this commercial  the plot is about how football players work hard everyday and how who will step up or will will be left behind.

Characters are football players. The conflict is that one football team come together and is going to start their season. During this time 2 players are fighting over who’s better.  In the end the player who worked the hardest seem to prove to the team and the coaches who the real player was. Football field is where this took place. The overview message would be change i want to i will. The music supervisor choice a great up tempo beat to show energy and fun. This targeted teens that play sports.

In this commercial the plot is about a pro basketball player getting hate on by fans. Character is NBA player Kevin Garnett. The conflict is that all the fans are booing him throwing things at his bus. But when he puts on the headphones he hear nothing but his music. This took place on a bus and on the way to a basketball game. I will say the message is to just try to block out all the negative and just do you. The editor did a good job with all the switching between to fans and the player.



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