Identifying Elements of Production

Plot- The Plot of the “Just Do It”commercial is to encourage you to get out there i do, what you want to do because its you who stops you from achieving your goals so stop setting limits for yourself.

Character- There is only one Character it is Matt Scout a wheel chair basketball player.

Conflict – That you set up the obstacles for yourself in whatever you do so stop making excuses and just do it.

Setting- A basketball court, daytime.

Theme – Do not make excuses for yourself

Cinematographer – I Think this video was very difficult to shoot because of all the complex things , making all the shoots go togeather with all the transitions and making it all flow doing seamlessly seem it be a hard to do and that’s what i think the hardest part of video is.

Plot – The plot is a about D rose (Pro Basketball Player) telling the audience that if you took away everything than he would still have it cause its his one true love and all he wants.

Character – D rose , Audience , Famous People, Clubbers

Setting- Basketball court, Club,Commercial Scene, Mansion

Conflict –  What would happen if you striped everything from him, form his Money,Fame,Publicity,

Theme – Just because you lose everything you haven’t lost the one thing that made you…. you

Director- the director would have to make sure that all of it came together to make sure not to  overshoot and make every shoot count . I believe that the director had i hard time because the amount of things that are happening in film would hard to make it all come  together

Plot – A kid who has fear a class presentations to overcome this he listen to music listen to motivated  speeches and learning about how to give a speech.

Character- Class, student,mother of student,

Setting – Student class room, Tree house,Home

Conflict – The fear and struggle of being scared of giving a presentation and having no idea what to do.

Theme –  To overcome the fears you have.

Sound Recordist- The way the could hear everything form the tablet , the voice ,the background noises everything contribute to the video it brought everything  in. hearing how the tablet help him and the famous speeches bringing him together it was very good in how they did all that.

Target audience – Teenagers because there the ones who fear the presentation or going in front of people they fear all that. The tablet that they are selling seems to bring all of it together  helping us achieve more and helping overcome with knowledge it brings . They would have to change everything from the aspect of the commercial to get to other people they would change the scenery the actors , everything because of it.

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