Identifying Elements of Production

Plot: This teenage kid goes to a family reunion for christmas and the whole time it looks like the kid is uninterested and like he is phone the whole time but it turns out he is filming the whole time and he make a little video filled with all the moments that he got to spend with his family and he shows it to his family.
Character: The main character is a teenage boy.
Conflict: The conflict is that he is misunderstood.
Setting: Christmas break. Somewhere up north where it snows a lot.
Being the Cinematographer must have been interesting and a bit difficult. The Cinematographer had to make the commecial look like it was shot professionally and like it was shot by some who doesnt have that much experience and is just trying to capture the moment.
Target market: The target market for this commercial is a family
The commeercial would be differnt if they were trying to appeal to a college student. I feel like the commercial would be more fast paced and it would have a lot more jump cuts and the music would be really upbeat and fast.

Plot: There is this farmer guy and her gives his dog up for adoption and this lady adopt him but the dog keeps coming back to be with his horse friend
Setting: modern day on a farm
Character: Cute dog and horse
Conflict: That the dog and the horse cant be together.
Theme: Its good to have bestfriends.
Being the Director must have been really difficult for this commercial having to look for the a cute trained dog and a trained horse and getting the horse and the dog to act like best friend and making sure the shot was perfect. Although the commercial is amazing it must have been very frustrating.

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