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“Keep Austin Weird”

What Did They Say?

Austin is a big city. A big city usually has different cultures, different cultures brings different food.  Today we went downtown on the Drag and asked anonymous people questions about their favorite places to eat. Most students said they eat at places close to campus because it’s more convenient considering they have classes to go to after. Others frequent restaurants with  unique menus to diversify their eating pallets. Torchy’s Tacos, Chilantro, and Chipotle were some of the favorite restaurants for Austinites! You can tell the city has been heavily influenced by Mexican food and culture due to the number of Tex-Mex restaurants across the city. Most of the people that we interviewed were influenced by popular Mexican/Tex-Mex food such as nachos and tacos. In fact, while we were interviewing people, we were eating these same dishes.

The diversity of the different foods shows that the quote “Keep Austin Weird ” perfectly describes the city.

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By: Kasha Davey, Kannedy Huff, and Alexis Velasquez

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