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 Plot: A pro football player overcomes hardships that life presents with his own willpower and ability

Character: Patrick Willis an NFL pro football player who plays for the 49ers

Conflict: The conflict throughout the commercial is an internal one, to elaborate Patrick Willis is not big or strong enough.

Setting: The setting throughout the commercial is taken in many different areas from a cornfield to a neighborhood and even in football stadiums in addition the rest of the commercial is composed of old historical NFL football games

Theme: the theme of the commercial is that people need to trust the power within because that will always be enough to get the job done and is displayed in the commercial when he overcomes adversary with his own willpower

Director: He would of basically had to find all the stars present in that commercial and actually get them to be apart of it, then he would have also had to make sure that all the  individual creative artists were all working toward the same end goal while also keeping them on the same page with one another. and to also keep everyone working and doing there job to meet the deadline that he may of been presented at the beginning of the project.

Target audience: Are people of enjoy football or more directly people who like Patrick Willis and the 49ers if the director and the producer would of changed the target audience then they would of had to make a entirely different commercial as well because the whole commercial revolves around the 49ers and the sport as well so if the decide to change that then they would of had to scrap this commercial and start all over.


coke cola

Plot: Three teams of thirsty competitors face off in pursuit of a gigantic stash of soda, with an outcome to be determined by online voters By virtue of being a multi-part sequence.

Characters Three teams of totally different people from the showgirls to the cowboys and the badlanders

Conflict: All three groups of people are thirsty and want to get to get to the bottle of coke but are constantly slowed down by each other  because there all competing to  get it

Setting: in the middle of the desert so that the creators can emphasize the idea and concept of thirst

theme:that competition is needed to get great things

Editor: he would of needed to have all of the footage come together and would of had to greatly empathize the concept of thirst by adding additional shots

Hyundai Stuck

Plot: Hyundai puts viewers in a familiar situation: the feeling of impending doom that comes with getting stuck behind all sorts of unsavory highway characters. The spot’s central gag hinges on repetition, as viewers can only guess about what kind of trouble lies ahead

Setting: On a highway probably multiple ones,and also on a neighborhood street

Conflict: The main characters are getting stuck behind all sorts of unsavory highway character and need to get past them to escape the dangers of what would happen next

Characters: A man and woman probably spouses, a large man riding a motorcycle, and also the director used vehicles to play a huge part in the story line as well

Theme: that everyone has had the familiar situation: the feeling of impending doom that comes with getting stuck behind all sorts of unsavory highway characters and all you have to do is get past them

Director: He or she would of have had to find the right places to shoot while also getting things situated so he would of been able to shoot there and would of had to work closely with the editor to add additional shots where needed


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